Erdogan’s two-state demand puts the jinx on planned UN-led Cyprus meeting

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Sun, 2021-02-14 00:54

RIYADH/LONDON: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent assertion that the only way to resolve the Cyprus dispute is a two-state solution may have just muddied the waters further, rather than helping resolve Europe’s longest-running frozen conflict.

By rejecting the reunification of Cyprus under a two-zone federal umbrella, long favored by Greece and the UN, the Turkish leader has purposely raised the stakes in the run-up to a UN-led meeting to assess the possibility of resuming talks.

   A 2004 UN plan overseen by former secretary-general Kofi Annan to solve the Cyprus issue proved popular with Turkish Cypriots, but was rejected by most of their Greek neighbors. (AFP)
The status of the Cypriot National Guard is an issue for both of Cyprus’ ethnic groups. (AFP)
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