Formula E partnership with Saudi Arabia very strong, built on common goals — CEO

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Fri, 2021-02-26 01:23

LONDON: Saudi Arabia’s partnership with Formula E is very strong, and based on trust, mutual respect and common goals, said CEO Jamie Reigle on Thursday.
“The relationship that we have is what made us return to the Kingdom this year to hold the Formula E championship in Diriyah, and elsewhere in the coming years,” he said in an interview with Saudi Press Agency.
Reigle said the drivers are very much in tune with the Diriyah race circuit and want to race there again, which “shows the success of Formula E’s strategic relationship with the Kingdom.”

The Formula E-Prix 2021 will be held at night for the first time, changing the sporting dynamic a little, says CEO Jamie Reigle. (Twitter/@FIAFormulaE)
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