From Coastal Grandma to Princesscore—The 15 Outfits That Define Each Aesthetic

Diving into the world of fashion aesthetics is a personal favorite vertical of mine here at Who What Wear, as it lets me dive into little style “worlds” that I may not take a look at regularly. It seems like a new term to describe one’s style pops up on the internet every month, and while the “looks” behind each aesthetic aren’t revolutionary, coining a term can help others navigate each and pinpoint what works best for their own personal style. Narrowing looks down from just individual pieces can be overwhelming for some, so seeing stylized looks fit for a lifestyle can be more accessible, especially if you’re one that has trouble putting outfits together. 

I made my share of predictions for the aesthetics that would rule in 2022 and to my excitement, almost every one has come true. From the regency-era princesscore look (Thanks, Bridgerton) to channeling your inner grandma by the shore, the outfit options this summer are endless. I rounded up outfits for each aesthetic so whether you want to experiment with each or find your summer match, you can keep on  scrolling.

A bucket-hat and a lightweight matching set is the ideal coastal uniform.

You can’t channel the coastal grandma aesthetic without linens—that’s just the rule.

Everything about this is my ideal summer vibe, from the woven bag to the birkenstocks. The shoes offer comfort, and the bag offers your prime space for those farmer’s market visits.

Go all out with the prettiest floral dress you can find—there’s no such thing as “too much” in the princesscore aesthetic.

If you’re keeping it on the casual side, opt for a poplin or ruched dress.

Why did clothing need to evolve past puff-sleeved ethereal nightgowns?

A pair of classic loafers are a must-have for this aesthetic—black accessories will keep everything sleek and out together.

The best part about the clean-girl look is that each outfit doesn’t need much thinking. Even minimal pieces like a tank and coordinating pants will give you the look you’re going for.

A loose-button up will be your best friend. Even when you’re having an off day, it’ll be the piece that keeps you looking like you’re at 100%.

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Add a structured coat and sleek sunglasses to take the your look from ballet class to brunch.

Not only are ballet clothes on-trend, they’re also comfortable. Think comfy cardigans, easy flats, and leggings galore.

Boleros aren’t going anywhere—just throw them on over a tank and you’re good to go.

Now, you can find preppy-inspired sweaters everywhere, and they’re more versatile than you think. Simply add a pair of relaxed trousers and you’ve got yourself a Princess Diana approved ensemble.

If you don’t want an outfit to fall too on the preppy side, keep the “cool” factor with accessories that match more towards your personality, like a leather jacket or platform shoes.

Not only do baseball hats solve bad hair-days, but they act as the perfect accessory for any preppy and sporty outfit.

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