From Olaplex to Sunday Riley—15 On-Sale Beauty Products to Buy Right TF Now

If you could see how many beauty products are in my apartment right now, you might have a heart attack. I often joke that being a beauty editor means I live in my own personal beauty store, and I’m not even really joking. I have so many different products that I have to categorize them by shelves. While it may not translate to being the most organized person in the world, my bevy of products does translate into knowing which are actually worth your money. 

You can find so many of my all-time, die-hard favorites at Dermstore. I’d recommend these products even at full price, but I love a sale, so I’m scoping out Dermstore’s Beauty Refresh Sale, which is running now through March 10. All of the products on sale are high quality, and you can snag savings of up to 20% off and/or double reward points when using the code REFRESH at checkout.

Keep scrolling to find the 15 products I know you won’t regret from Dermstore’s sale, especially right now, as a lot of us (including me!) are trying to make the most of every dollar. Happy shopping. 

SPF is a skincare nonnegotiable (yes, that means every day!). This SPF has been highly recommended by nearly every single dermatologist I’ve ever talked to, and I talk to a lot of derms. It’s lightweight, hydrating, calming, and works well for even the most sensitive skin—all with no white cast. It—dare I say—makes applying SPF enjoyable. 

Ask anyone in the beauty industry: this serum is a holy grail. It helps plump and rejuvenate skin thanks to the brand’s proprietary TNS-MR and Renessensce Advanced, which support collagen, skin cell renewal, and elastin. 

Raise your hands if you ever wake up with puffy eyes. These cooling eye gels are miracle workers for de-puffing in a flash, even if you’re running on no sleep.

I’ve tried many, many vitamin C serums, and I rarely reach the end of a bottle. Most either don’t do it for me or end up making my skin worse (talk about counterintuitive). I can easily finish a bottle of this, though, because it works better than every other vitamin C I’ve tried to refine and brighten my skin. 

People will often ask me how to help repair hair damage, and I always point them in the direction of this Olaplex product. Seriously, if you’re going to try any Olaplex product, make it this one! It noticeably strengthens and repairs hair after the first use. I credit this product with saving my hair after a harsh color treatment, and I will always sing its praises. 

I love a cleansing oil, but many leave an oily residue behind or don’t take off all my makeup. This one does neither, and takes off makeup in a flash without stripping my skin. 

If you struggle with acne, rough skin texture, and large pores, this is the product you should mix into your routine. BHA works to gently exfoliate skin, leaving you more glowy and even-toned. 

I am always cognizant of the perils that come with exfoliating too often—a compromised skin barrier is the absolute last thing I want. I like to exfoliate once a week, and when I do, this is my go-to product to mix into my routine. This lactic acid exfoliator makes my skin feel softer and look more radiant, but it never makes me feel like I overdid it on the chemical exfoliant front. 

If you have dry skin, I have to deliver some news: though it’s pricey, Augustinus Bader’s Rich Cream is that girl. It delivers deep moisture without feeling super heavy on skin—it sinks in instantly! When I use this cream, I wake up with the most pillowy skin. Snag this while it’s on sale, you won’t regret it. 

Good cleansers can really make a difference in how your skin looks and feels. This one gently exfoliates but remains gentle enough to use daily. Plus, it’s also blended with antioxidants to help your skin defend against damage from free radicals. 

2023 is the year that you should start treating the skin on your body like the skin on your face. This remodeling serum helps moisturize your skin while also smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. 

If your skin is hypersensitive to stress (it’s me, hi!), then meet your new favorite serum. This calming elixir is filled with a whopping 12 vital oils to renew, soothe, and hydrate skin. 

Fake more volume in a flash with this dry volume spray that gives your hair a major boost. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make hair look dull like other volumizing sprays—it actually adds tons of shine. 

This pudding-like cleansing balm removes makeup while hydrating skin. It also works to support the skin barrier with tons of nourishing oils.

For eyelashes that pop (no mascara or lash extensions necessary), this lash serum is hard to beat. 

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