I’ve Been A Fashion Editor For 6 Years—5 Outfit Mistakes I’ll Never Repeat

It’s wild to think that I’ve been a fashion editor for almost 6 years, yet here we are. The memories of my first internship still feel as vivid as if they happened yesterday, so it’s a bit surreal to realize that I’ve been writing about clothes for so long. And with those six years came a lot of lessons that I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t in this industry. Now, there’s really no right or wrong when it comes to dressing—style is an entirely individualistic thing—but there are a few basic outfit principles I wish I knew sooner.

Now you don’t have to go through them—I’m outlining all of my realizations when it comes to dressing optimally for the warm season ahead. Keep scrolling to see them all.

We talk a lot about capsule wardrobes and closet essentials as fashion editors, but really a solid outfit all boils down to what you’re wearing underneath. I’ve learned that the difference between a well-styled simple outfit and sloppy-looking one is a matter of investing in the right fitting bra and seamless underwear. You better believe my lingerie drawer has done a 180 since I started being an editor.

One thing is true once you’ve become an expert-level shopper: layering is a science. My perspective? It’s always better to have more layers than to not have enough—you can always take them off. During the summer I rely on breezy button-downs and sleeveless jackets just in case I’m confronted with aggressive air-conditioning. 

I’ve found nothing ruins an outfit more than an unexpected sweat stain, and when you’re commuting in the muggy New York City weather sweating is almost inevitable. As much as I enjoy lighter fabrics and the color gray, I’ve learned to avoid them if I plan on shuffling around in the summer heat. Instead, I like sticking with darker tones and fabrics where sweat has a hard time seeping through.

Many a time have my evenings been ruined with the wrong choice of footwear, and as I grow older and take in all the experience of being in fashion, I realized it’s absolutely possible to find a happy medium between chic and comfy. Not wincing in pain or agonizing about blisters makes you feel that much more confident in your outfit.

I’m the first person to save a buck, but even I can’t ignore the power of real quality basics. It’s become even more apparent to me as I’ve routinely cleared out my closet: my designer basics have stayed with me for years, while my more fast-fashion pieces have come and gone.

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