Katie Holmes Just Wore the Easy Uniform I Plan On Copying At Least Once a Week

Rarely does a celebrity have a hold on us sartorially in the same way that Katie Holmes does, especially in the last few years. Whatever she wears, whether it’s to stop into her local art shop or go out on a day date, we’ll pay attention to it. Usually, we’ll even copy it. Case in point, her latest look, which I personally have already bookmarked for plenty of future reference. 

For a summer day spent in NYC, the Dawson’s Creek alum paired our favorite trend for any season really, an oversize button-down shirt, with faded black mom jeans, retro sneakers, and a Kate Spade tote bag that added just the right amount of color to the low-key ensemble. Uncomplicated, yet note-worthy, the look, like so many of the ones Holmes puts together, is copiable in every way. At least, I know I’ll be making it my own in the coming weeks. 

Shop her effortless summer uniform below. 

On Katie Holmes: Kate Spade Manhattan Striped Large Tote ($398)

For the perfect Katie Holmes look-a-like.

I’m pretty sure every Who What Wear editor owns one of these.

If pink and blue aren’t your vibe. 

The perfect shirt for any occasion.

Pale pink is going to be huge this year. Just wait. 

You really can’t go wrong with these.

For a low-key, yet chic pair of jeans, go for these.

These aren’t called “perfect” jeans for nothing. 


This price is hard to beat, if not impossible. 

These are getting more and more popular by the day. 

Old school vibes are the best vibes. 

These are selling out so fast. 

Katie Holmes loves a New Balance moment. 

Yes, yes, 1000% yes. 

I’ve had my eye on this bag for months, and now that it’s beach season, I’m going to have to finally go for it. 

The thick, leather straps take this beach bag to new levels. 


This butter-yellow tote lives in my dreams. 

Okay, H&M. Go off. 

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