Laughing it off: Saudis use humor to cope with COVID-19 restrictions

Hala Tashkandi
article author: 
Fri, 2021-03-26 02:07

RIYADH: One year after the first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit Saudi shores, citizens have slowly adjusted to the new norms imposed on them by the pandemic. And while the crisis is far from over, the Kingdom has started to take control of the virus, which has allowed citizens to breathe just a bit easier.
At the beginning of the pandemic, social media was rife with memes and viral posts that reflected the strange new reality the country was experiencing. It gave Saudis a chance to smile during a turbulent and worrisome time.

Saudi artist Areej Adel’s photo manipulation of Cinderella sanitizing Danube groceries was reposted all over social media. (Social media)
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