Push to ban pro-Kurdish HDP erodes Turkey’s political pluralism further

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Thu, 2021-03-25 21:05

MISSOURI, USA: Every March, Kurds, Persians, Azeris, Tajiks, and others celebrate Newroz, the spring equinox festival of the new year. In the Kurdish version of Newroz, legends surrounding the festival focus on a mythical blacksmith of antiquity named Kawa, who saved normal people from a terrible tyrant. The Kurdish version of Newroz therefore comes replete with connotations of freedom from tyranny, oppression, and injustice.

Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu (C), a human rights advocate and lawmaker from the People's Democratic Party (HDP) and his colleagues pose after the parliament stripped his parliamentary seat, in Ankara, on March 17, 2021. (AFP)
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) MP Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu who has been detained inside the Parliament and later released, gestures as he is prevented by police to attend Nowruz celebrations in Ankara, on March 21, 2021. (AFP)
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