The Best Underwear Brands, According To Fashion Editors

Fashion editors, likely best of all can appreciate a good pair of underwear. Choosing a great outfit is only half the part for what good is a beautiful dress if the undergarments beneath aren’t up to par?

While we’ve covered a few of the specific lingerie styles our editors swear by in the past, we thought we’d dig a little deeper into the key underwear brands we have on speed dial. And not just for comfort, but also for quality—aka brands that actually last. Because a great pair of underwear is only as good as how it stands up after countless wash cycles.

So with all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out which underwear brands we’ll always have stocked in our lingerie drawer. From the pretty to the pragmatic, they’re the quintessential building blocks of any wardrobe.

“I’ve been wearing On Gossamer for longer than I can remember and particularly love their mesh thongs, which have been my favorite underwear style for years. They’re incredibly comfortable and work under practically everything. Plus, they come in a wide range of shades including the neutrals I always wear.”

“You know you are attached to something when you buy it 10 times over and that’s how deep my love runs for this v-string panty from Victoria’s Secret. I’ve exclusively been buying my underwear from this brand since I was a teen and it’s a fact that I’m truly attached to my favorite pairs from them.”

“I guess you could say I’m an underwear loyalist because once I find a brand that I like, I’ll literally wear them for at least a decade. Spanx Under Statements Thongs are the only ones I care about these days. They’re ridiculously comfortable and seamless, and they come in low-key colors (and seasonal prints if that’s your thing). I’ve ordered more pairs than I can count at this point.”

“The #1 quality I look for in underwear is if I can comfortably walk around with it staying in place (a.k.a. underwear that isn’t prone to wedgies). My current favorite is Boody’s boyshort. The extra coverage means they’re incredibly comfortable. Plus the material is made of breathable and eco-friendly bamboo.”

“I ordered Fruity Booty’s fun-loving lingerie once on a whim, mostly for the cute prints, but ended up being pleasantly surprised by the quality and fit. The small London-based line crafts all their lingerie out of deadstock materials and counts Kendall Jenner as a fan. The underwear is supremely comfortable, but if I were you I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to cop one of their cool sets.”

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Eberjey’s comfy PJs but I recently tried their undies and I’m hooked. They’re incredibly soft and comfortable and they look pretty too.”

MeUndies is the type of underwear that you want to buy in bulk—they’re so soft and breathable that it’s hard to compare with other brands once you’ve tried them. I like that they’re not too fussy and stay intact after countless washes in the laundry.

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