The Proof Is In the Data: Waterless Beauty Was One of 2022’s Biggest Trends

In the midst of everything that happened this year, one thing has become abundantly clear in the beauty world: consumers care about sustainability. This year, waterless beauty reigned supreme, as waterless soap bars have seen a 7.1% YoY increase and waterless shampoo bars have seen a 5.3% increase YoY, according to SPINS, a wellness-focused data company. For beauty consumers, this is a fairly large jump, and it shows that sustainable beauty truly has staying power. 

“Combined, waterless shampoo and soap bars have seen nearly $1.5B YoY market growth this year,” said Dan Buckstaff, CMO of SPINS. “The beauty industry understands that consumer demands have shifted to holistic and sustainable-minded practices such as creating a lower carbon footprint and ingesting healthier ingredient quality. Consumers are becoming more consciously aware of the ingredients in their everyday products, so retailers will need to adapt to changing demand and integrate eco-friendly, innovative waterless beauty products into the market.”

Below, find our absolute favorite waterless beauty products to try on for size. Our picks range from solid lotion to an ultra-concentrated shampoo paste. 

Everyone’s favorite French haircare brand has a waterless shampoo that utilizes 95% less water in the manufacturing process and lasts just as many washes as a normal bottle of shampoo. 

A blend of butters and oils make this solid body moisturizer incredibly luxe and easy to glide on. 

Yes, dry shampoo can be just as effectiv

This shampoo comes in a paste form that renders it 3 times more concentrated than normal shampoo, so the smallest dollop goes a long way, meaning a travel-sized container lasts you just as long as a normal shampoo bottle. 

Housed in dissolvable sachets, Plus has made sustainable body wash that’s smart, easy to use, and virtually waste-free. 

This hyper-effective vitamin C serum also has alpha arbutin and ferulic acid to target dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 

This smoothing, water-free conditioner couldn’t be easier to use. Something called guar, a bean derivative, helps smooth and protect hair while it conditions. 

FYI, there’s kind of nothing this water-free balm can’t do. Use it on your face, body, cuticles, you name it—this balm will impart a burst of moisture for parched skin. 

This multi-tasking solid serum tackles everything from dehydrated skin and fine lines uneven texture and skin tone. 

Instead of being made with water, this powder body wash is activated by water, turning into a foamy cleanser while you shower. 

Tons of nourishing oils and natural ingredients make this lip balm particularly healing. 

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