Zendaya’s Jeans Outfit in Paris Has Me Shopping For This Pretty Shirt Style

Everyone’s favorite “jeans and a cute top” outfit just got the Zendaya treatment, and it’s as perfect as you’d imagine. While in Paris this week for fashion week, she wore a vintage Louis Vuitton top with classic straight-leg jeans and strappy sky-high sandals. There’s something to be said for the simplicity of throwing on jeans and a special top. It’s the easiest outfit there is to put together yet it packs a punch and is appropriate for so many occasions. And Zendaya’s outfit is particularly primed to go from day to night.

I’m all for trying out more complicated outfit trends, but Zendaya’s look is reminding me that sometimes something more, well, basic is all you really need. And thanks to her, I’m feeling inspired to shop for some new pretty “going-out” tops (you know the ones—you don’t have to actually be going out to wear one). If you’re on the same page, keep scrolling to shop a few chic Zendaya-inspired tops for yourself—since we can’t all have circa-2004 Louis Vuitton.

WEARING: Vintage Louis Vuitton top and bag

Perfect under a blazer.

The pearl accept is so subtle and chic.

Especially given that this is on sale, I can’t believe it hasn’t sold out yet.

A very pretty use of lace (a major trend for S/S 24).

A very cool use of tweed.

One of the many pretty “going-out” tops at Mango right now.

Can’t go wrong with a vest.

You’ll wear this so much.

Velvet season is upon us.

Pink has never looked cooler.

Zendaya would wear it.

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