Here’s How Ashley Graham Achieves the Most Natural-Looking Tan Possible

If there’s one thing we know about Ashley Graham, it’s that she’s going to have a flawless tan. That definitely rang true for her time in Paris Fashion Week. Before jetting off to the City of Lights, Graham got a tan from St. Tropez Skin Finishing Expert & Celebrity Self Tanner, Sophie Evans using St. Tropez products. 

Not only did Graham get the most flawless tan to go to Paris Fashion Week—she also managed to maintain it while she was there (which, if you’ve ever tried maintaining a spray tan, is quite impressive). Graham is leaving Paris just as bronzed as when she arrived, and it’s thanks to a few key products that she uses for maintenance. 

Luckily, I got the breakdown on every product Graham used for her just-got-back-from-Bali glow, including the products Evans used on her and the products she uses to maintain her glow. Keep reading for the breakdown. 

Evans used this bronzing mousse as a base for Graham. 

After creating a bronze base, Evans sculpted Graham using this darker mousse. 

This is Graham’s favorite tanning product, and she used it throughout the week to keep the tan on her face and hands fresh. 

In lieu of normal body lotion, Graham opted for this firming gradual tan moisturizer to extend her tan’s longevity. 

The same cult-favorite tanning mousse Graham loves is also available in this limited edition berry scent. 

These drops allow you to have the most customized glow. 

This ultra-whipped formula is a breeze to apply. 

A bronzing body mist makes self-tanning as easy as possible. 

This exfoliating remover is the perfect thing to use in between tans to prep for your next one. 

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