Silver Jewelry Has Entered the Chat—28 Items I’m Obsessing Over

As a Latina woman who loves nothing more than a great accessory, I can’t exactly tell you silver was my go-to color before this year. All of the family heirlooms I wear and jewelry I’ve collected over the years is gold, so to suddenly become a silver advocate was mind-boggling, to say the least. I’ll maintain this though: I think I made the right choice (especially after this year’s unexpected accessory trend.)

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed more and ore of my favorite designers and creators making the switch from team gold to team silver. After seeing Bottega Veneta’s viral drop earrings on nearly every single celebrity, the only one who made me truly want to buy them was Kylie Jenner— and sure enough, she was the only one who opted for the silver version. Let’s just say I’m easily influenced.

While I’ve been waiting for them to arrive at my doorstep, I’ve been scouring the internet for the best pieces of silver jewelry— from ear cuffs to pendant necklaces—that make me feel like a chic Parisian woman. While gold jewelry will always have a time and place in my heart, silver is reigning supreme right now. And if you’re not convinced after scrolling through these 28 incredible picks, I won’t be surprised if you come to switch sides later on, too.

Chunky circles not your thing? Try chunky triangles.

Although I’m not a person who loves labels, these sleek Gucci earrings are reminding me of Tom Ford’s sleek ’90s aesthetic of the brand— always a plus in my eyes.

The viral earrings in all their glory.

An everyday pair of chunky hoops.

I’m calling it now: arm cuffs will be back this year.

This corded necklace is so dreamy.


These horseshoe earrings feel so ’80s.

I layered two silver cuffs over a long-sleeve silk dress the other day and I don’t think I can ever go back.

Jenny Bird’s chunky earrings caught my eye when I first saw them.

I spy with my little eye something silver.

This tri-stacked ear cuff packs a major punch.

The size of these earrings mean they’re perfect for stacking on top of each other.

My silver jewelry-only look at Coachella is being planned out after fawning over this stacked rocker-style chain.

I have these huggies in gold and I wear them nearly everyday— but I’m itching for the silver thanks to spring’s unexpected jewelry trend.

If you’re looking for an entry-level piece of fine jewelry, this silver necklace and diamond pendant from Blue Nile will go with nearly every outfit.

Here for necklace stacking.

This sculptural arm cuff is straight from my dreams.

More than just a normal pair of long silver earrings.

High-key obsessed with how expensive this tennis bracelet looks while being only $100.

The It Girl watch.

Frasier Sterling makes the best low-cost, high-joy jewelry for any occasion.

If you’re into Gen Z’s ironic dressing aesthetic, opt for a phrase like “girlboss” or “slay” instead of your name.

These are a fan favorite among the fashion crowd.

The earrings that started my silver obsession.

A pair of silver hoops for your troubles?

A silver Rolex may be a a higher investment, but since 2023 is the year of the watch, I’d think twice about writing this classic off.

I can totally see you wearing this a bright red top—fashion’s favorite color at the moment.

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