Trust Me—This “Boring” Item Can Make or Break Your Brow Routine

As any beauty editor, makeup artist, or brow technician will tell you, eyebrows are an art. If they’re shaped in just the right way, they can flatter and frame the whole face. That’s why it’s imperative you use the right tools and products for at-home maintenance. Yes, we’re talking about tweezers, brow pencils, brow gels, and other classic makeup bag staples. We’re also talking about a basic tool that gets little-to-no credit, even though it’s pretty much the basis of any good brow routine: the humble eyebrow brush.  Sure, they’re not the most exciting brow product to buy, but ask any expert, and they’ll tell you they’re by far the most foundational item you can have on hand. Without them, your brows simply won’t look as sleek and shapely (and you can trust us on that). Ahead, see the 12 best eyebrow brushes money can buy, based on factors like durability, design, and real-life reviews. 

Like we said before, there were three things we looked for to find the best eyebrow brushes—durability, design, and customer reviews. Let’s talk about durability first. If you’re anything like us, you use your brow brush daily, and you put it through a lot as it’s tumbled around in your makeup bag. Ideally, our brow brushes wouldn’t shed or split or break in any way.  Then, there’s the overall design. Does the brow brush have a fine-tipped and maneuverable head that makes precise application of powders and pomades simple? Is it dual-ended so it has a brush and a spoolie on one tool? Trust us, these are important factors to consider.  Finally, there are customer reviews. In our opinion, there’s no better way to tell whether a product is actually legit than by consulting real-life customers. So, that’s what we did via internet reviews. Factoring all of these things together, we came up with a solid list of—what we think—are the best eyebrow brushes.

This brow brush makes the best overall for a few different reasons. First, it has quality synthetic bristles that are fine-tipped and angled for precise application of brow products. Second, it’s dual-ended so you can distribute and blend products with the spoolie. Third, it has some killer customer reviews.  Glowing review: “The best brow brush I’ve ever used. The angle of this brush is so good, and it makes your brows look so good.” — Sephora customer

Like the aforementioned Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush, this one is dual-ended, so it has an angled brush made from synthetic bristles at one end and a standard spoolie on the other. It’s solid construction, it’s easy to use with powder and cream products, and it’s comparatively affordable.  Glowing review: “I use it to conceal around my eyebrows, so for me, the bristles are fine and I love how tiny and precise it is, gives a clean finish.” — Sephora Customer

Tweezerman makes some seriously good eyebrow tools, so we weren’t surprised this made our list. The bristles on this brush are thin, firm, and angled for precise application and a natural, feathered look. The spoolie is shorter than most as it’s precisely sized for use on brows. Glowing review: “Love this brow bush. It is very easy to use, clean, and well-made. Highly recommended.” — Target Customer

Benefit is another brand we can always count on for seriously good brow products, and this brush is no exception. It feels solid and sturdy in the hand, it applies powder and pomade like a dream, and the attached spoolie makes blending and shaping simple.  Glowing review: “I love it. I have finally found an eyebrow brush the does everything I need it to. Please don’t change it. Please don’t discontinue it. — Sephora customer

This one gets major brownie points for its price. At only $4, this brow brush costs less than a cup of coffee, yet it’s dual-ended and highly rated. It’s just not dual-ended in the traditional sense. Instead of a brush on one end, it features a spatula to scoop and apply brow waxes and pomade.  Glowing review: “A very good tool. Good quality and feels heavy in the hand, which gives it a luxury feel. I love that it has the flat side.” — Ulta customer

With firm, angled bristles and a blending spoolie, this brow brush is a solid contender, especially when you factor in the affordable price tag.  Glowing review: “I have tried many different angled brow brushes to use with my pomade to get that snatched brow and this brush is IT! It’s very thin to give that sharp look and is so easy to handle. I’m so glad I gave this brush a try.” — Ulta customer

Another ABH brush, this one is similar to our overall favorite (the 12 Brush), but it differs in that the brush head is slightly less firm. If you prefer softer bristles, this might be the one for you.  Glowing review: “It’s the best brush for eyebrows that you can have! Is so small and the results are perfect for your makeup.” — Sephora customer

The thing that really sets this brow brush apart from all others is that it’s retractable, which helps keeps the brush head clean. It’s basically a dream for people who travel often.  Glowing review: “Great brush for brow gel pots. It has a thin angled end that applies very natural strokes that makes your brows look great. Affordable price too.” — Dermstore customer

This brow brush boasts that it can work all brow products and formulas. It’s all thanks to the versatility of the angled brush head, which can deposit a little product for a soft and subtle look, or a larger amount, for a bold and defined look. In other words, it makes brow products extra buildable.  Glowing review: “I absolutely love this brush. It has clean precise lines and is perfect to use for eyebrows. Love it.” — Sephora customer

Right off the bat, you’ll notice this one isn’t dual-ended, which is a bummer, but it gets points back for being multi-purpose (it can be used for eyebrows and eyeliner). With synthetic bristles and a fine-tipped, angled brush head, it works well for applying brow powder and pomade.  Glowing review: “It is softer than I thought it would be. I love it […] It’s super awesome. I need another one in case I lose this one.” — Ulta Customer

Yes, this is the most expensive brow brush on this list, but sometimes we want to bring a certain element of luxury to our basic items. This has a super sleek design, a sturdy spoolie, and a precise brush head—basically, everything you’d ever want from a brow brush.  Glowing review: “Idk why I bother trying any other brow brush. This is perfectly firm and doesn’t lose its angled shape over time.” — Sephora customer

Last but certainly not least, there’s this dual-ended brow brush from celebrity makeup artist, Patrick Ta. Scroll through his Instagram, and you’ll see that he’s the master of creating a strong, defined brow look, so we trust that his brow brush is one of the very best. Plus, purely from an aesthetic standpoint, it looks great. That gold handle is easy on the eyes.  Glowing review: “This works very well and I was very pleased with how easy it is to clean. The bristles are clear but do not stain, so after cleaning the brush looks new.” — Sephora customer

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