You’re in, You’re Out: 7 Gen Z–Approved Fall Trends You Have to See

When it comes to trend spotting, there’s no better way to get a feel of the current fashion climate than Insta-stalking the most stylish generation there is: Gen Z. While I may be a bit biased as a 24-year-old editor, it’s a simple fact that the fashion crowd aged 18 to 25 has an iron-clad grip on the pulse of the trend zeitgeist right now, often setting the tone for the seasons to come.

Ahead of the fall, I did what any other normal, sane 24-year-old would do and Insta-stalked some of my favorite Gen Z celebrities, models, and creators to confirm my suspicions on what trends they’re buying and which items they’re leaving in the dust. From quiet luxury–esque jackets to trending It colors, shop the seven fall trends Gen Z can’t seem to give up on this year.

Styling Notes: opt for a pair of slouchy low-rise jeans to contrast against the preppy, formal aesthetic that comes along with a tweed jacket. 

Styling Notes: Long gone are the days where you can barely fit a phone and a pack of gum in your purse. Nowadays, Gen Z prefers bulky, oversize hobo shoulder bags paired with casual on-the-go ‘fits.

Styling Notes: If you’re looking to make your heels more Gen Z–friendly, look no further than a small heel with a simple silhouette and some fun, frilly socks.

Styling Notes: if there’s one thing Gen Z adapted to during the pandemic, it’s two-piece, ultra-cozy loungewear sets in the fall. In lieu of leaving the house 24/7 in oversize blazers or immaculately tailored pants, the rise of striped pajama bottoms and Ugg boots as everyday, normalwear has made simple, comfortable P.J.-style sets a full-on Gen-Z obsession.

Styling Notes: Opt for lots of laters and a simple T-shirt and jeans ‘fit to combine with the classic coat. If you’re feeling a bit more casual à la Olivia Rodrigo seen above, you can pair your new trench with Adidas Samba sneakers and a pair of flared leggings.

Styling Notes: The Canadian tuxedo is back and better than ever. Instead of a Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 VMAs-style look, opt for modern takes on the denim-top–and–denim-bottom look with a pair of straight-leg jeans and a jacket in a similar wash.

Styling Notes: to take fall 2023’s It color trend (see: fiery shades of red) to the next level, pair the bright hue with toned-down neutrals like black or white.

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